Ancient mosaic depicting a chicken. The “Parthian chicken” is a recipe from the “Apicius” Apicius

With her Apicius (The art of cooking), Marco Gavius ​​Apicius He left us the greatest gourmet cookbook of the Roman antiquity and all (you see e

The recipe Parthian chicken, found that reported textually below, It is taken by the aforementioned manual:

“Open a chicken for long.

Grind in a mortar pepper, Ligustico and some caraway seed, water and mix with garum with wine.

Place the chicken in a bowl and pour over the sauce.

Dissolve in hot water aromatic benzoin resin and pour the mixture over the chicken.

Put to cook.

When cooked, sprinkle with pepper and serve”.

In addition to a certain laboriousness (and heaviness!), note the presence of the garum (you see, The base of rotten fish sauce, the Romans put a little’ everywhere, on meat and fish dishes mainly, but also on vegetables and legumes (Photo gives: