Statue of Tiberius

The Roman Emperor Tiberio (42 a.C.-37 d.C.) It is described by sources as a cruel man, miser, cantankerous and prone to vice, but not only.

Svetonio He tells us that with advancing age, in humans is irretrievably sharpened the existing and unhealthy sexual desire towards of boys and girls that, always according to what is narrated by the historian, He forced to consume reports in front of him to get excited.

A perversion that is part of the pedophilia, although almost certainly in the case of Tiberius there was much more, or obsessive disorders, disinhibition and paranoia.

But Tiberius was also crazy woman, and therefore the pedophile instinct would be part of his complicated psychological status, or he was perfectly aware of the evil that was, including that on smaller?

In fact it seems that the thread of madness would combine most of the Roman emperors, although some scholars have rejected the hypothesis that this also applied to Tiberius, For example Gregorio Maranon, that analysis of the character of this twisted figure has written a book, according to which the extreme lucidity and almost scientific nature of certain nefarious actions and terrible he strongly desired and carried out, testify the perfect ability to understand and want this discussed Emperor.

however, this, while recognizing personality traits and quirks typical of a subject not entirely sane and, in some ways, unbalanced (Photo gives: it.123rf.com).