Vespasian. Fu lui ad istituire la "tassa sull'urina"

Vespasian. It was he who set up the “tax sull'urina”

The Roman Emperor Vespasian (7-79) He earned a reputation “miser” Also because of some tax bizarre taxes to the population.

In fact the economic and finance was one of the most serious problems facing the first of yellow He had to cope, and to succeed in order to consolidate public coffers, the man did not hesitate to “invent” tributes effectively “details”.

On all take for example the famous revenue from urine, a real tax sull'urina, that all tanners and the fullones (those who treated wool) Empire were forced to pay to buy the pee-pee necessary to their work.

At the time, in fact,, l’ammonia naturally contained in the urine was exploited, Moreover, as detergent and bleaching of fabrics and was therefore collected in abundance in public toilets.

It is said that derives precisely from Vespasian's decision to tax (even) l'urine, the old Latin saying “funds non're“, or “the money does not stink“, that would be the answer provided by the Emperor to his son Titus, when this had reprimanded for the action taken.

Apparently showing the amount of money collected, Vespasian has asked Tito if by chance he did not feel offended or bothered by the smell, and avendogli latter said no, he has concluded: “but yet it comes from the urine” (Photo gives: