Incidentally penis

The penis found engraved in Hadrian's Wall, next, the caricature

Has approximately 1800 Incidentally years the penis on the wall of a fortress adjacent to Hadrian's Wall, the great defensive wall that the emperor had it built in Britannia (current Great Britain) in defense of the Roman army.

Archaeologists Newcastle, authors of the discovery, They believe the stylized phallus was designed by a soldier.

The intent, however,, unlike what you might think, It was not vulgar, but to good omen.

In ancient times, especially among the Romans, the foul had a valenza apotropaica.

According to popular belief, it served to keep bad luck away from a place, a house, a person.

With that plan a bit’ rough, The guy simply intended “bring luck”.

Next to the penis, They are other recordings, not all decipherable, and a cartoon (pictured right).

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