Expulsion of Tarquinius Superbus

Expulsion of Tarquinius Superbus

A few years ago I wrote to the portal notizie.it a post his Tarquinius Superbus, famous for being “kicked” popular acclaim from the throne of Rome and so unwittingly giving rise to a new phase in the city's history.

The article is what I propose again below.



Tarquinius Superbus

Tarquinius Superbus

There are a lot of biographical information on Tarquinio the Superb, this ma, apart from some inevitable tract legendary, They seem trustworthy and authentic, therefore the human and political portrait made from it seems to be entirely truthful.

The ascent to the throne of Lucius Tarquinius, the real name, It took place in a violent: He killed the king reformer Servio Tullio, who was also his father having married the daughter Tullia, and he brought the power in the hands of the Tarquin family, who he had ruled Rome previously.

The nickname "Superb" It was awarded when prevented the holding of the funeral predecessor, citing the spurious grounds that even Romulus had funeral.

Tarquinio acted immediately as a ruthless tyrant: aware that he had come to power illegally and therefore forced to defend it by establishing a regime of terror, He decided to see for itself some capital issues, forgoing advisers, thus arrogated to itself the right to condemn or absolve at will, to exile anyone who does not garbasse, to confiscate goods to those willing.

He resize the power of senators, not consulting them and deciding virtually never alone for wars, pace, treaties and alliances.

Tarquinio achieved many successes in the military: defeated the Volsci, He conquered the city of Gabi, made peace with Equi and he renewed the covenant with Etruscans.

Furthermore he bothers to establish with Latini relationships with friends and relatives, to strengthen those who married his daughter to the noble Ottavio gave his Tuscolano.

His great enemy was Lucio Gross Giuno, son of the king's sister, determined to give up the monarchy; He was proficient in urging the people to rebellion, leveraging the unjust conditions where citizens were subjected, and finally tyrant He was deposed and driven out along with his family.

With Tarquinius Superbus ended the monarchical history of Rome: from now on, the city would never again be ruled by a king.

Certainly Tarquinio carried out a hateful policy, establishing an absolute personal power and arbitrary, but he is positively distinguished in public Works: during his reign Rome was embellished with imposing buildings, especially religious, that they increased power and prestige.

In foreign policy instead, the seventh and last king of Rome secured control of the Lazio coast, where he founded several trade centers in agreement with local communities; This seems confirmed by the first treaty between Rome and Carthage, that even if concluded in 509 a.C. then after the deposition of the Superb, must necessarily and logically to assume that there was a territorial historical situation conducive previously created and built the very last period of the Monarchy.

A curiosity: Tarquinius Superbus killed his wife Tullia Greater to marry his sister Tullia minor, which in turn killed her husband (Photo gives: http:/romanoimpero.com e http://www.wikipedia.org).