The Roman coins found in Bedriacum, near Calvatone (Cremona)

In the archaeological site Bedriacum, near Calvatone, in the province of Cremona, a team of researchers led by Professor Maria Teresa Grassi, dell’University of Milan, It has unearthed hundreds of Roman coins.

In fact the discovery dates back to last May, but it's only now been made public to allow, avoiding the pressure of the media, due investigation and analysis of ritual.

The treasure found, consisting of 140 coins hidden by the owner at the bottom of a ceramic vase and never retrieved, It has great value both historical and archeological.

It deals with, precisely, a nest egg antoniniani dating back to gallieno, Emperor between the 243 and the 268 d.C., almost certainly it sidelined by the owner because of the time of severe political crisis, economic and military that Rome was going through.

Currently the coins are under repair at a specialized laboratory.

For decades, the site of Bedriacum, town famous for the battles were fought here in 69 d.C. for the conquest of power after the death of Nero, It is home to expert excavations and studies; the campaign of 2018 It is possible thanks to the commitment and funding of the University of Milan, the City of Calvatone and of the Lombardy Region.

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