One of the first models of Barbie

The legendary game Barbie and his eternal boyfriend Ken It is not the prerogative of our times: boys and girls of’Ancient Greece They knew him and liked him already thousands of years ago.

Witness a recent discovery (It dates back to a few months ago) a Parium (today Turkey), where in some Hellenistic era graves, beside the bodies of infants, They were found miniature objects.

It is manufactured from the most disparate shapes made in ceramic: there are animals, mythological figures and, precisely, male and female figurines, the first placed near the girls, whereas the latter lying next to children.

The discovery is due to the archaeologist Hasan Kasaoglu, according to which these dolls were used just as they still today is done with Barbie and Ken which, born from a brilliant idea of Mattel in the 60s of last century, They have revolutionized the modern playful world of children.

But because these toys were buried along with their unfortunate masters?

The gesture played a symbolic value important, not exclusive to Greece but diffused among many other peoples of antiquity (It would later be learned and imitated by Romans), namely to accompany the deceased in the afterlife (Photo gives: