Caesar's funeral

Marco Antonio pronounce the funeral oration at the funeral of Julius Caesar

I funeral of Julius Caesar, the victim of a conspiracy 15 March 44 a.C. while he was in the Senate, was a propaganda masterpiece developed by the skilful mind Marco Antonio, became political heir of the dictator (Ottaviano He was outside Rome).

In the extreme attempt to save the fact Republic, the brave captain tried to exploit the tragic event to hit deep in the minds of citizens and soldiers, sincerely loyal to Caesar and saddened by what happened.

The funeral was solemn eulogy, a perfect example of rhetoric uttered by Antonio, It was intended to disrupt and to guide public opinion towards the net disapproval of violent action of tyrannicides, making it appear latter as a mere and horrible crime.

Having marched through the city situated on a beautiful litter, therefore,, Caesar finally came in the Forum, where all the participants were careful to add wood and even the gifts brought in tribute to the deceased, the pyre ready; the most touching moment of the ceremony came when Marco Antonio, not without emphasis, He lifted to heaven red toga torn and still bloody Caesar by listing one by one the names of the conspirators, thus provoking the wrath of the crowd, who headed the homes of the past, already fled, and retired on the Capitol stronghold.

Finally the fire was lit.: in that the stake ended forever the era of Caesar and the Roman Republic (Photo gives: