Tollund Man

The face wonderfully preserved Tollund Man

The mummies are not only Egyptian: the so-called “marsh” They return the bodies of men and women who lived thousands of years ago in a perfect state of preservation.

In this case, however, human intervention has nothing to do, as is the nature to do everything: it is in fact buried persons, remained and finally found within torbiere, Typical of some northern European countries, where the spontaneous growth of sphagnum, a kind of moss, It fails to stop the normal process of decomposition and keep the bodies almost unchanged for centuries.

Tollund Man

The Tollund Man seen in its entirety (Museo di Silkeborg, Denmark)

E’ This is the case of’Tollund Man, one of bog bodies best preserved in the world, amazing for the exceptional conditions in which it is, to the point that at the time of discovery, occurred in Denmark in 1950, he thought of a person killed recently and not for thousands of years as it is in reality.

But who was this gentleman that we can still admire the face intact, with lots of wrinkles, appearance of wrinkles and folds?

Of Age of about 40 years, alto 1,61 centimeters, l’Tollund Man He lived in the fourth century B.C.. in Scandinavia and almost certainly was sacrificed during a ritual; any remaining rope around his neck and accurate medical tests, It has long found death hanging.

The mummy is whole and almost intact at all points, but face to strike more, also for its expressiveness unchanged; the dark color, as well as that of reddish hair, They are a common feature of the bog bodies.

Currently the’Tollund Man It is exposed at the Museo di Silkeborg, in Denmark (Photo gives: e