classical art

Hermes with Dionysus of Praxiteles, one of the most beautiful statues of classical Greek art

It is quite common to think of the’classical art as something in itself and not a style to be inspired by even today, as well as believing that classical art is simply to be admired for having laid the foundations of what is being done today.

Well: It is not so.

Classical art continues to have a huge influence on design modern: whether it is taken as a model or reworked in a modern key.

This article will deal specifically with the way in which classical art influences the design modern.

Classical art and modernity: some examples

Examples of how classical art continues to influence architecture and the design of what surrounds us are many.

One among all: i casino.

The casino industry tends to draw on a variety of old art styles to piece its own design.

In particular, the works of art found on the walls of the pyramids of ancient Egypt are a great factor and clearly play a role even when it is not so obvious.

If you take a look at the roulette online on the gambling site Want to Win you will realize that even if the art of the pyramids is not explicitly on the page, the colors of gold and black are predominant in his design general.

Influence of the ancient arts in the twentieth century

classical art

Marina, Oil on canvas by Carlo Carrà

In XX secolo the way of making art has changed radically.

Think of the artists who adhered to the currents of cubism he was born in fauvismo, which were met with approval (as happens in the case of the most influential artistic currents).

While this art was famous for the fact that it represented images of the world around them in a way that eschewed realism, there is no doubt that these artists will have had some kind of background educational in the classic (whether it was formal or not).

Think for example of Carlo Carrà artist known above all for his futurist works, whose art was steeped in neoclassical traditions.

He wrote for a long time on the inspiration he found in some classical works of art, in particular the Etruscan one.

The same can be said for an artist like Gino Severini, which included the ancient landscape of Rome in many of his images.

This kind of inspiration even found its way into propaganda, since it was used in the context of socialist realism and also in the art created by Nazi Germany and from’Eastern Europe in the middle of the 20th century.

The influence of Picasso

classical art

Guernica, famous painting by Pablo Picasso

Finally it is impossible, when studying the impact that classical art has had on modern art, not consider Picasso's work and its influences.

Picasso is a great example of how classical art can serve as inspiration.

When he is still an art student, in 1894, visit the Louvre and Pompeii just to be inspired by classical art.

The influence of the latter is evident throughout his production, but especially in his most famous works, those of the last period.

There is a clear reference to neoclassicism in some of the works he produced in the 1920s, as in the painting Two women running on the beach (the race).

The women in the painting both wear white dresses and have oversized bodies, muscular and incredibly athletic posture, reminiscent of that of the statues of classical art (photo:, e