In the '700, Eau de Cologne was used by nobles as a remedy for headaches and indigestion

The origins of’Cologne date back to the '700.

The success and the success of this delicate fragrance lasts to this day.

All’epoca, in shining corte di Versailles in particular, it was not considered just a cosmetic, but also a kind of medicine.

Nobles, both men and women, They used it as a perfume yes, and this despite the poor hygienic conditions of the environment and the almost nothing personal cleanliness (you see e, but also as a valuable remedy for disorders of various origin and nature.

L’Cologne, invention from paternity discussed at length (I'll talk about in a specific post), It was particularly effective against headaches and indigestion.

It was enough annusarne few drops, and all the evils disappeared (photo: