Florentine Renaissance

A table prepared Renaissance. A Florentine era never let go of good wine

If the table had a chance to sit a fiorentino middle of Renaissance, between the '400 and' 500, in full Medici era, What we might expect to eat?

Almost certainly it would be served a nice pasta dish, staple of the daily diet then.

It was often fried O cooked in garlic, while I ravioli, after being removed from the cooking broth, They were typically fried and topped with cheese.

However most likely lunch, to consume between nine and ten in the morning, It would open with a fresh salad Seasonal, followed by lovebirds, goat cheese and fruit.

also are much in the fegatelli and meatballs liver…just to keep light.

Everything finally, It would be washed down with good came fine, although in moderation.

A few glasses was considered very healthy for the spirit and for the physical, therefore never give it up. (Source: John Lucas Dubreton, Daily life in Florence at the time of the Medici) (Photo gives: it.wikipedia.org).