A table in the Renaissance: a “rich” banquet where you can see fruits and eggs

What led at the table in Italy between the '400 and' 500?

What were popular foods?

Also with regard to the Renaissance, as for any other historical period, you need to make a distinction among the various social classes, as meals of the rich and the poor were basically very different .

In general we can say that in the more affluent we ate mostly venison and fruit, while the peasants and all the most humble strata of the population, They are fed mainly with cereals, Rice and legumes (the soups They were the typical daily supply plate), as well as with Rye bread, food-which was the basis of their diet.

The meat It was part of the often poor meals: 30 pounds of consumption year was the best we could afford.

The discovery of America in 1492 He revolutionized many aspects of life, including power, since on Italian tables, though not before the middle of the sixteenth century, They made their appearance, not to leave ever again, foods before strangers as tomatoes, e it but the potato, who knew an immediate success.

The eggs and cheese instead, abounded throughout the Renaissance some’ everywhere (Photo gives: