Here is a short article I wrote for the portal notizie.it concerning the martyrdom of the two Saints who have most marked the history of Christianity, Pietro e Paolo.

On them, in reality, the biographical information they are still few, but archeology, slowly, is trying to bring them out.

Enjoy the reading.



Crucifixion of San Pietro (painting)

Crucifixion of San Pietro (painting)

There is not a lot of information regarding the martyrdom of Peter and Paul, event of extraordinary importance in the history of Christianity.

The sources, Unfortunately, they are scarce and often controversial.

They were certainly both killed during the reign of Nerone, one of the worst as regards the followers of the new Faith.

The exact date and methods of martyrdom however, remain doubtful.

Both had come to Rome to preach the principles of the gospel and this caused their condemnation.

Peter and Paul: what the sources say

L’apologeta cristiano Tertullian (155-222 d.C.) just remember that Peter was crucified, later writers add that Paul was beheaded and Peter crucified upside down out of his own desire.

Many sources indicate the 67 d.C. like the exact year of both executions, others anticipate that of Peter al 64 d.C.

Uncertainty even on the exact day of the event, referred to as the 29 June in the western tradition, the 28 December in the eastern one.

Instead, the place of their depositions seems to be certain, or the Vatican for Pietro (not far from the exact point of his crucifixion) and the Via Ostiense for Paolo.

The testimony of Eusebio, who clearly writes: “If you want to go to the Vatican or on the road to Ostia, you will meet the trophies of those who founded this Church ".

As known, on the burial places of the two Christian martyrs the basilicas of San Pietro and San Paolo were later erected (Article adapted from: notizie.it) (Photo gives: cantalavita.com e vesuviolive.it).