Marie Antoinette and Fersen meet for the first time during a masked ball (dal film "Marie Antoinette")

Marie Antoinette and Fersen meet for the first time during a masked ball (by film “Marie Antoinette”)

It is not known if the Queen of France Maria Antonietta and Swedish conte Fersen They have had a real report, understood even in a fleshly sense, but certainly their bond was so tight as to push him to risk his life to save her, and this is an indisputable fact, the only one that we actually, because the man's chart, with possible evidence in one direction or another, It was destroyed, for which we can only proceed by hypothesis.

Considering the ideals of the time and the training course then imparted to the scions of aristocratic families of Europe, it is conceivable that the Fersen feeling for the sovereign sprang not from the love of a man for a woman, but what she represented humanly and politically.

The video that found in the bottom of the post (gives is a sequence taken from film of Sofia Coppola Marie Antoinette (2006) and rebuilds the first meeting between the two young, actually it occurred during the course of a masked ball; Count, attracted by the beautiful blonde girl with hidden face in the audience, “chats” with her only after discovering that he found the sight of the Dauphine of France.

In my humble opinion, however,, the flirtatious and uninhibited attitude that Marie Antoinette exhibition in such circumstances seems rather out of place, as little responsive to local education standards of the time girls, even more if we are referring to one of the daughters of Maria Teresa, I doubt that he could behave as free and “modern” in public (Photo gives: