Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI (from a movie)

Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI (from a movie)

The relationship between the Austrian Archduchess Maria Antonietta and the Dauphin of France Louis XVI, It was typical political marriage combined for reasons of State, a fact quite usual in the eighteenth century among the great reigning European dynasties.

The wedding day, celebrated the 16 May 1770, the two young contractors, 14 years she, 15 his, in practice they did not know even.

What kind of marriage was their?

What type of bond instaurarono?

Almost certainly it was a combination of far more profound and true than many others born in the same way and for the same reasons, that without ever becoming a great passionate love and totalizing, It became over time a strong and loving relationship, finally cemented even more the pains and joint problems.

In the first period of marriage Louis, shy teen, clumsy and awkward, but good and sensitive nature, He met many difficulties to approach with the delicious and lively wife, which, however,, immediately, she felt she could trust fully that young physically unglamorous but full of rare moral virtues and human.

A further and fundamental glue for the royal couple, It was formed by the four children arrived later to cheer their lives (Photo gives: