Bust of Marco Giunio Res (Michelangelo)

Bust of Marco Giunio Res (Michelangelo)

Who really was Marco Giunio Res, the man past the above history for being among the conspirators who murdered Giulio Cesare?

In truth, it does not seem that the young man had ever done exhibition of sublime talents in any field, nor have they ever been able to understand the reasons of’bottomless hatred against Caesar, who, Unlike, she loved him very much.

The political career Brutus began when he decided to follow Catone, who had been exiled to the island of Cipro; in this pleasant place Brutus was enriched and found his wife, becoming the husband of Porcia, daughter of his godfather.

Back in Rome, He sided with the "nobles" against the triunvirato consisting of Cesare, Pompey and Crassus.

While Brutus had good reasons justifying dell'astio harbored in regard to Pompey, who long ago he had had assassinated his father on the orders of the evil Chair, It does not however understand why she hated Cesare even more; was perhaps jealous of the relationship that the mother Servilia He entertained for some time with the great general?

Could be.

A few people have suggested moving that Brutus was actually the Caesar's illegitimate son, thesis, for obvious reasons, It can neither exclude nor ascertain, However it is certain that the Roman general always showed a deep and sincere affection for Brutus, natural or otherwise, always considered like a son.

After the ceremony crossing of the Rubicon, Brutus came even to side with Pompey, but finally he lost the Civil War at the Battle of Farsàlo, fact that Brutus forced to send an (distressing) Letter to the winner in which he apologized.

Cesare, showing very magnanimous and friendly, not only forgave him, but welcomed Brutus in his close circle of intimates, He appointed him governor of Gaul and then also pretore.

But even that was enough to appease the resentment of unexplained young, rather, envy and hatred rode even faster and disruptive than ever, so as to push Brutus to join the killers to Ides of March 44 a.C. They took their own lives to the dictator.

Except that Brutus will not long survive his illustrious victim: He took his own life Filippi, obtained after the crushing defeat against the troops of Ottaviano e Antonio. (photo: notizie.it).