Face of Augusto

Face of Augusto

Svetonio, the writer of the most gossipy'Ancient Rome, he passed away biography merciless of some emperors Romanian not only from the moral point of view but also physical.

Not without missing a good dose of contempt irony, he elucidated us about some of their most embarrassing shortcomings.

If you take into account the enormous efforts of the government apparatus to offer to the public and to posterity a picture as possible of the first courtly and imaginative citizens dell'Urbe, the Suetonius revelations they can not, after all, prevent us smile a bit ', rich as they are of particular gory or ridiculous or always irreverent.

Here are some of the most fun.

I (funny) physical defects of Augustus, Galba and Claudio

The figure of Augusto, leader par excellence, smart man, sly, able to maintain the

Galba. He Suetonius attributes rather serious physical defects

Galba. He Suetonius attributes rather serious physical defects

its immense power for decades (to benefit him, for sure, Also unsurpassed hypocrisy and a ruthlessness that bordered too often the inhumanity), is definitely downsized in the image of him gives us Suetonius, which lightens it not a little of that aura of sacredness and inviolability that the political role gave it.

In addition to referring to his chronic insomnia, which forced him to spend the nights walking nervously from one room of the building or on the porch on hot summer evenings, the historian also says that the Emperor had his body covered with unsightly stains, he walked evil and with alimping gait.

Finally, he scratched constantly on him with her nails.

in conclusion, nearly destroyed a myth.

It is better the portrait of Galba, elected emperor after the death of Nerone.

Bace, awry, blue eyes, hooked nose, feet and hands deformed by gotta, disease from which he suffered, man seemed to embody the very essence of ugliness.

Suetonius has enough even for Claudio.

Lor writer says that before the election as successor to Caligola, the man had been the favorite target for jokes of all kinds, as to torment him with launch of olive and date pits during his usual afternoon nap.

To that, just to complete the picture not quite uplifting, He adds that it was psychologically unstable e completely fool (Photo gives: tafter.it e wikipedia.qwika.com).