Killing of Archimedes D. Udine (1815) - Rovereto (photos press office Mart)

Killing of Archimedes D. Udine (1815) – Rovereto (photos press office Mart)

To love so much studying do not realize that someone is going to kill you.

E’ what happened to the great scientist from Syracuse Archimede (287 a.C.-212 a.C.), at least according to the most accepted version of his death, the one that Plutarch It provides in Life of MArcello and to which it refers the painting of Domenico Udine you see in (1815): a Roman soldier surprising mathematical engaged in the resolution of a geometry problem, and its refusal to follow, kills him.

In fact the general Marcello, well aware of the brilliance of the prisoner, She had ordered him to do anything to him, but unfortunately, as often it happens in similar situations, human brutality prevailed.

Also there tomb the great greek philosopher is wrapped in an aura of legend; Cicerone, who was superintendent in Sicily in 75 a.C., He claimed to be able to discover the place of burial due to the copy of a drawing depicting the inscription that Archimedes himself had chosen for his headstone, that is, a cylinder circumscribed to a sphere.

It seems that the location corresponds to a Romanian catacomb that, not by chance, it is called Grotta di Archimede and it is currently visited (Photo gives: e

Tomb of Archimedes in Syracuse

Tomb of Archimedes in Syracuse