Garibaldi and Marsala

Garibaldi and Marsala

It is perhaps one of the most famous aspects of his life and his personality, ma Giuseppe Garibaldi It was a great animals' lover and not just in words.

Few people know that among its many merits, There was also that he founded in 1871 a Torino, on a proposal of the English Countess Anne Winter, the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals“, then transformed into ENPA (National Animal Protection Organization), initiative with which the '”Hero of Two Worlds” He wanted to concretely express their affection towards friends “fours”.

For this Garibaldi always nurtured a great love for his beautiful white mare (actually pretty on light gray), call Marsala in honor of the Marquis Sebastiano Giacalone Gaspare, who he gave it to him on landing in the Sicilian town.

The splendid specimen faithfully accompanied his owner during the tumultuous military expeditions in the island before being sent to Caprera, in Sardinia, where he died.

To this day his tomb, complete with a plaque, It is next to that of the beloved master (Photo gives: