Welcome Cellini

Portrait of Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1571)

“Before I can suffer with long poses naked, and then I can give the Horned Pagolo”.

This shocking sentence, which refers to the completion of a sexual abuse, It is contained in the autobiography of Welcome Cellini (1500-1571), one of the greatest artists of our Renaissance.

But can an artist, especially if the stature of Cellini, be a criminal?

Evidently yes if one takes into account the extraordinary curriculum, on both counts, that the author of Perseo can boast: sculptor, writer and goldsmith of consummate value on the one hand, Bully, Rapist and murderer even on the other.

The life of the Florentine master was so turbulent that retrace the events and details in one post it is impossible, so here I will only explain the episode from which sprang the phrase above.

All this happened in France, where Cellini, in 1540, He had been called to the court of I: Caterina, his model, and the attendant Pagolo, They accused him of sodomy (We do not know whether justifiably or not).

It was no joke, the offense could lead to the stake, but the complaint was withdrawn immediately and there were no consequences.

Certainly the sculptor breathed a sigh of relief, but the danger was not at all dissuaded from implementing a tremendous vendetta, rather, He forced the young couple to marry, She subjected the girl to grueling sessions and He raped her repeatedly.

A behavior for anything artistic and downright evil (Photo gives: findagrave.com).