The haunting and enigmatic face of Rasputin

The haunting and enigmatic face of Rasputin

Rasputin It was really emasculated or is this just one of many legends fate around its mysterious figure?

Officially, the giant genitals (ben 33 centimeters in length!) of the “holy man” siberian that, unwillingly, He ended up giving the last and final jolt to Tsarist rule, They are kept within a transparent box at the Erotic Museum in St. Petersburg (, but many historians doubt the real “paternity” the singular relic.

Where the truth lies, therefore?

Probably we not ever find out and that's why.

In addition to the unique religious sense, Grigorij Efimovic Rasputin was known among his contemporaries for amazing drinks, and for the tireless amatory activities, supported, seems, the lavishness with which Mother Nature had provided, dirla there by André, of the “virtue less apparent”, a feature that had finished to make it extremely popular among the ladies of the time, especially the most highly placed.

Already angered by the power that the coarse illiterate peasant in a short time he had earned as part of the court, the cream of Russian nobility would equally poorly digested the influence he showed against women and you would be on time (and cowardly) vindicated post mortem, removing with a sharp cut that mighty member since lifeless human body during an autopsy.

Only that this theory can not be proved, as the remains of Rasputin, taken away from the chapel in which rested, they were burned, and his ashes dispersed, by revolutionaries.

In the absence of a body and then, one can only assume that those hosted by 2004 Museum in St. Petersburg, that the owner claims to have bought for well 8000 dollars in France, where they would be carried by a Russian aristocratic joints belonging to the result of the Tsarina, are truly sensational genitals of mystical most famous and controversial of the last century (Photo gives: