Fighter of the Vendée

Fighter of the Vendée

Place following a critical article that I wrote long ago for the portal on the massacre of the Vendée, one of the bloodiest pages of French Revolution, It considered by many historians as the first genocide of modern times.

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Vendeans fighters Symbol

Vendeans fighters Symbol

When I studied for the first time French Revolution at school, the Primary, I felt immediately a certain gnashing among the enthusiastic and joyful tone of the teacher in telling the facts, and the facts themselves; I wondered how it was possible to speak of summary judgments, severed heads, piled corpses and abuse of all kinds, as it were a great national holiday when everyone wanted a lot of good.
"And violence, the massacres, the horrors "? wondering.

It is explained that it was "bad", people who deserve it, traitors, freeloader at best, people to be eliminated, in conclusion.


It is even more baffling, in my opinion, this is, At bottom, the thought that even today many continue to have against a historical event so crucial to what would become modern Europe, but at the same time totally antithetical in fact and in practice to those same principles of freedom, equality and fraternity which advocated, but who first betrayed, and in the worst way.

Yet this does not say hardly ever, or at most with a certain fear you whisper, as if it were something marginal or insignificant or even necessary to impose new ideas.

Here's the deal, to impose.

Almost all men, women and even children guillotined during the Terror, They were innocent on whose head there is no probable crime, except to have ideas and you want to observe and pursue even if contrary to those who wanted to impose on them from above.

None of the revolutionary leaders never sought dialogue or a semblance of discussion with those who, and they were many, They did not share the principles that would eventually change the face of France and beyond, preferred torture, massacre, eliminate indiscriminately and without mercy every "obstacle", using sacrosanct and fully shared values ​​as a pretext of the atrocities perpetrated against defenseless citizens and political opponents.

The revolutionary leaders were not philanthropists, ma astuti, ambitious and bloodthirsty despots, skilled in exploiting the legitimate popular discontent for not only clean and not only universal; opponents, the enemies, the "bad guys" to get rid of were, At bottom, all that were on the other side, those who dared to dissent, men and women of different ideas, perhaps antithetical, but not without a reason to exist.

I always thought that the horror, arbitrariness and abuse have no political color, and unfortunately there is no deployment, flag, ideology or institution, throughout history, do not be stained with serious crimes.

Including the French revolutionaries.

The Vendee It was a western region in which there existed a purely peasant society, Christian and Realist; the fuse that led to the outbreak of civil war It was the rebellion of the Vendeen against a country that constantly need to recruit young people from the countryside to be sent to the front, so that they were removed to the families and to work in the fields, already strained by unjust taxes and ongoing famine.

fighting in the sign of the Sacred Heart, i vandeani, brave and idealistic but inferior in number and equipment, They were literally massacred by "fraternal" Parisian troops, until they were stramazzati ground over 117.000.

It was the first genocide of modern history.

A strike is not only the impressive number of victims, but also the methods of sophisticated and unprecedented cruelty used to kill: groups of people were tied and loaded onto rafts made later sinking, others were thrown from the top of the city walls, from body fat of some corpses, it is said, It was made soap.

Stuff that rivals the worst Nazis (Photo gives: e