Portrait Lorenza Feliciani, wife of Cagliostro

Portrait Lorenza Feliciani, wife of Cagliostro

The Count of Cagliostro It is one of the most controversial characters of history: despite the many words spoken and written about him, most of his life and of his figure remains a mystery to this day not too easy to fix, so much so that historians are undecided about which is the best way to think and define between scammer, magician, forger or self-styled healer.

I will come back with specific Cagliostro post dedicated to him, whilst this article I intend to provide some brief information on the woman who was his wife, the Lady Lorenza Feliciani, since renamed husband contessa Serafina, also, as the wife, character and discussed anything but precisely outlined.

Lorenza was born in Rome on April 8, 1751 in a poor family, in which the head of the family made a living doing the brazier.

Blonde, slender and graceful, although not beautiful, ignorant to the point of not knowing how to read or write, in return the girl excelled in cleverness rated the venal achievements, as in many other commoners.

Lorenza began early age into prostitution, so that in a brothel seems to have taken place the first meeting between her and Cagliostro.

Portrait of Cagliostro

Portrait of Cagliostro

The marriage, with the necessary consent of her parents, was celebrated in the church of San Salvatore in Campo on April 8, 1768.

The union between the two was always troubled, a perfect mix of complicity, betrayals and mutual complaints, of passion and hostility.

It seems however that Lorenza was completely subjugated by the ambiguous and mysterious charm of wife, which the reciprocated yes, yet he did not hesitate to sell the favors if that could make him comfortable.

Yet it was Serafina a major cause dell'ingloriosa end of "wizard", because it did not hesitate to testify against him in the trial that sentenced him to life imprisonment (unclear motivations, but it is thought that the woman was instigated by the family of origin or corrupted by the papal police).

After being locked up for long with the family in a convent, Lorenza died of a heart attack on May 11, 1810.

It is not known where he was buried (Photo gives: istitutoeuroarabo.it e angelomarotta.com).