Anna Fallarino

Anna Fallarino

It may seem certainly exaggerated, indeed completely out of place, to define Anna Fallarino in Casati Stampa a historical figure, especially if you intend to give the expression a positive connotation.

However, this woman lacking the slightest talent and impudent to the point of unbelievable, due to a way of life in the name of open-mindedness and superficiality out of the ordinary, He filled in along the gossip columns pages of Italian newspapers a few decades ago, entering of law in costume history of our country.

Accomplices a vicious husband and a passionate lover, Anna Fallarino constituted the pivot of a little love triangle ended tragically but perhaps not entirely unexpected.

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Spouses Anna and Camillo Casati Stampa

Spouses Anna and Camillo Casati Stampa

At exactly forty years since the tragic epilogue of the murky affair involving spouses Anna and Camillo Casati Stampa and younger than her lover Massimo Minorenti, retrace the key stages of the short life of this beautiful woman and fatuous, who he was able to accept the unacceptable in order to retain quell'agiatezza and social position he had dreamed of being chased by any means as a child.

founded in 1929 in a poor family of Benevento, Anna Fallarino He spent his childhood, always having in the head hard thinking to redeem himself from the humble social status toccatale allotted, he hated with all his strength, and he was determined to change in any way.

From her, the young woman had only a sinuous, soft body, she believed, He would prove his pass for Cinema.

In 1945, a 16 years, Anna Fallarino, determined to groped their luck at Cinecittà, abandoned Campania Roma.

But things are never easy, especially when you have no talent or particular virtue, and the marvelous career of Anna opened and finally closed with a brief comparsata in comedy Toto Tarzan.

Disappointed and unsatisfied, the girl was forced to fall back on a less shiny but work safer, becoming assistant in a small shop in the capital.

As long as it was not noticed by Giuseppe Drommi, a wealthy engineer who married her and introduced in the refined and worldly circles of Roma Bene, the same that the woman had hitherto only dreamed or watching from afar.

In the whirl of dinners, receptions and lavish celebrations, Anna met one evening Marchese Camillo Casati Stampa di Soncino, spoiled and wealthy scion of one of the most renowned Italian noble families, with an estimated wealth at the time over 400 billion lire.

A terribly coveted and too easy to pass up.

Mrs. Anna Fallarino in Drommi began the cunning plan of seduction befriending the wife of the Marquis, l’ex ballerina Letizia Izzo, in art Lidia Dead, and finally, as in most classic scripts, He became the lover of Camillino, nickname with which Casati Stampa was affectionately or ironically known in the small circle of intimates.

Determined to have her all to himself, Noble paid about one billion old lire Tribunal of the Roman Rota for the annulment of the previous marriage, It is in the 1959, Finally, wed Anna.

And here the fun begins, or the unusual and disconcerting household torque.

While the new bride stood under the shower in the bathroom of the hotel room where he had to spend the first night with her husband, the latter presented a beautiful naked boy so that he would grant before his eyes, right there, at that precise moment.

Anna agreed, and the Marquis, satisfied with the performance, He dismissed the young, a waiter, with a hefty tip.

It was only the beginning.

Casati Stampa customarily paid attendants, painters, workers, military, passers-by to engage in erotic games and partying red light with his wife, all under the supervision of his excited voyeur exceptional and experienced photographer, since they have been found as well 1500 snapshots depicting Fallarino poses coarse and vulgar, alone or with strangers.

in the meantime, Marquis annotated impressions, individual desires and in a daily lined with an elegant green cloth, where you can read notes to this effect: Today Anna made me mad with pleasure. He made love with a soldier so effectively that even from a distance I have participated in its joy. It cost me trentamilalire, but it was worth it ".

And so on for dozens of pages.

The murky family functioning of the spouses went on smoothly for years, until the day when he met Anna forty Massimo Minorenti, a twenty-five-famous for having maintained relations of love and sexual nature with older ladies very young; But unexpectedly for both, They fell in love.

That is the one and only challenge that the Marquis could never accept; his wife was free to enjoy lovemaking with anyone, provided that they were mere and fleeting sexual encounters, without the slightest shadow of a romantic involvement, but it was strictly forbidden love, goods "Small bourgeois minds" as he used to say, and repeat often.

For the first time the marquis had been betrayed his heart, intolerable affront, so much that he decided to commit suicide.

But not before a final meeting.

The will of 30 August 1970, Casati Stampa as soon as he saw his wife get more sexy and provocative than ever dell'aitante young company, blinded by anger and jealousy, The dumped him three shots from his Browing caliber 12 killing, while Minorenti, who he had sought shelter behind furniture, He was shot dead by a single blow to the head.

Finally, The Marquis turned his gun on himself and fired.

The protagonists of one of the most celebrated and discussed triangles of Italy disappeared so, too early and tragically, overwhelmed by the unexpected consequences of a perverse game that they themselves had wanted, started and too dangerously fed (Article adapted from: (Photo gives: e