Hedy Lamarr in the first nude scene in the Cinema, in the movie & quot; Ecstasy"

Hedy Lamarr in the first nude scene in the Cinema, in the movie “Ecstasy”

In photo side you can admire Hedy Lamarr (1913-2000), beautiful Hollywood actress of Austrian origin, in the first scene of full nudity History of Film.

An image without veils rather chaste and modest by current standards (we're used to something else!), but definitely too much for the mentality in this much more moderate appearance 1933, year of release of the film.

The film in question is Ecstasy, director Gustav Machatý, whose entrance halls aroused such a scandal as to cause the immediate intervention of the censorship, that banished for decades around the world.

Your Hedy Lamarr, diva of unbelievable sensuality and woman of many talents, I will return soon to speak of History Pills, meanwhile, enjoy this video, which presents a collage image of star, including the offending scene, where all that you can see, in reality, It is a delicate female figure, framed even too closely, intent to bathe in the waters of a lake and a run in the thick vegetation of the forest.

Nothing vulgar words, but a clear proof of how much the company has changed profoundly over the second half of '900 (Photo gives: derechoaleer.org) (Video gives: youtube.it).