curiosity about charlemagne

curiosity about charlemagne. curiosity about charlemagne, useful for reconstructing their personality and character

We are aware of several curiosity about charlemagne, one of the greatest rulers of Middle Ages.

Some of them may seem trivial, but personally I have always been convinced that nothing really is when it refers to a historical figure; every anecdote, even the smallest, it helps to reconstruct its personality and action.

Here is one series of curiosities about Charlemagne that I found reading here and there in historical books and magazines:

  • had the shrill voice, which not only contrasted enormously with his own body size (see also ma, according to sources, it even made an impression
  • sick of gotta, he refused to go on a diet, aggravating his health and hastening his death (he writes it Eginardo)
  • it is said that it was a man easy going, ironic and able to play jokes
  • I loved to dress in a simple and practical way. He used to scold those who spent too much to buy precious silks of oriental origin
  • for the Franks to have concubines was the norm and Charlemagne was no exception. Being a Christian did not prevent him from having adulterous relationships. Apparently he had a real one harem, women ready to satisfy all his carnal desires (photo: