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Aidan Turner in fiction “Leonardo”

The last, eagerly awaited episode of fiction Leonardo will air Tuesday 13 April 2021 his Rai Uno (start around 21.25).

What to say?

Sponsored as blockbuster, despite the resounding success with the public, the criticism from experts have been, at least in most cases, relentless.

Let's admit that in Italy, now, controversy about anything, even the serious problems to deal with were lacking, but this time I too agree with the censors of the work, judged, rightly, excessively free.

Leonardo Da Vinci assassin? But even no!

Let's start with one Premise: a television script is not a documentary and therefore the free and personal interpretation of events and characters is all there is to it, but too much is too much.

In his 8 broadcast episodes, the fiction Leonardo unfolds through the narrative structure of flashback, which has its own charm in cinema and literature, only here it starts from an absurdity.

Yup, to call it an invention would be an understatement, monumental dance seems more appropriate to me.

Practically, the great genius of our Renaissance is in prison and risks being hanged for the prosecution, even, of murder.

what Catherine of Cremona, in particular.

Who is it?


In fiction Leonardo, in which she is played by a very good (a real revelation!) Matilda De Angelis, she is the best friend and muse of the artist, but in reality there never was.

Or better, a document of the time shows the existence of a model with that name, but apart from this there is nothing else about her.

in conclusion, in the script, the author of Gioconda comes accused of killing a woman who never existed.

Added to this are further ruminations of pure fantasy, from unlikely dialogues for the historical era dealt with at the first meeting, absolutely not true, between Leonardo and Ludovico il Moro, from the poisoning of a Gian Galeazzo Maria Sforza little more than a child (actually died a 25 years) to some crucial wrong dates (just to name a few).

in conclusion, a mess according to some, a good job anyway in the opinion of others.

What do I think

fiction leonardo

Aidan Turner and Matilda De Angelis in “Leonardo”

Personally, I believe the truth lies somewhere in between (as it often happens).

As a lover of history and art, as well as admirer, needless to say, of the genius of Vinci, I love the fiction historical and I don't miss one, but I can hardly bear the excessive insertion of elements from soap opera, that not only in my opinion are not necessary, but they inevitably end up upsetting events and characters.

And when we give ourselves the excellent goal of making culture and handling sacred monsters like Da Vinci, a minimum of caution is a must.

And then I wonder: who we are, today, writers or not, to add or take something away from the extraordinary life of an extraordinary man like Leonardo da Vinci?

Nobody, evidently.

I understand the need to use some typical television gimmicks to capture audience, a pinch of mystery and even of is okay thriller, but I believe in the fiction Leonardo the limit has been exceeded.


The beauty of fiction “Leonardo”

fiction lenonardo

Aidan Turner

Although anything but flawless, I think that Leonardo also have many positives.

Three out of all in my opinion: the skill of the actors, the reconstruction of environments and customs.

Far from making an image of it “loser”, as some have stated, I believe that Aidan Turner you masterfully personify an aspect of Leonardo's character actually highlighted by testimonies and documents: extreme sensitivity combined with a shyness that perhaps, sometimes, it even made him look awkward.

Excellent the young woman By Angelis in the role of a girl who practically had to invent herself from scratch, as well as Giancarlo Giannini in the role of Andrea Del Verrocchio, Freddie Highmore in that of Stefano Giraldi and Italian Alessandro Sperduti (already Piero the Gouty born The doctors) in the part of the envious and vindictive Tommaso Masini (I don't mention the others just for reasons of space).

As I said, the setting is practically perfect and the costumes magnificent.

And then I would not overlook a further and certainly not secondary virtue of fiction Leonardo: having brought history and art (however much you rework) in prime time tv.

Not a little in a sea of ​​improbables talk show and programs gossipari nonsense.

Then, if like me you intend not to miss the latest episode of Leonardo, I leave you to plot of the episodes 7 e 8.

Fiction Leonardo: last episode plot (episodes 7 e 8)

Found again Caterina, Leonardo undertakes to continue in his work.

However, he has to deal with a rising star of art: the young Michelangelo Buonarroti, with which he will compete for the fresco of the Battle of Anghiari (see also:

in the meantime Stefano Giraldi, now convinced of the artist's innocence, is committed in every way in the attempt to save his life, even if the execution appears ever closer.

Thus discovers the secret that torments Leonardo. (photo:, e