the doctors 3

Daniel Sharman is Lorenzo the Magnificent in The Doctors 3

There are great expectations The doctors 3, the new and final season fiction It focused on human affairs and policies of the members of the great Florentine family.

In fact a certain date for the debut on TV there, but it should be a Monday, the 25 November or 2 December.

Moreover Rai Uno for several days transmits trailer, why should miss only a few weeks.

on profiles social Meanwhile, the drama, They are published daily clips from information and short films of anticipation of what we will see in four episodes that will go into short-wave.

Rai is focusing on The doctors 3, therefore suspense crafted there is all.

But what are the reliable information to date?

For sure Lorenzo the Magnificent still she has the face of Daniel Sharman, our Alessandra Mastronardi It is again Lucrezia Donati and some new entry an enriching cast already prestigious.

As for the plot, It tells the heyday of Medicean Florence, that becomes wonderful thanks to the works of the greatest artists of the time, come Sandro Botticelli e Michelangelo.

After Pazzi conspiracy and beloved brother's death Giuliano, Lorenzo's life is divided between family and international prestige.

The epic story of the Medici reaches its zenith and the enemies are not lacking.

Probably the hour we will know the exact date of the airing of the first episode: History enthusiasts to do is to still have a bit of patience (Photo gives: