Tuscan cialdoni

A humorous take of Lorenzo the Magnificent

What follows is not a recipe any, to suggest it as it is Lorenzo the Magnificent.

Evidently, the great ruler of Florence and the Italian Renaissance is also intended to gastronomy.

Here is what he writes in Joe de’ cialdoni how to prepare Tuscan cialdoni, sweet typical of the region:

“Put water in the pot, and flour acquired influence than there n'entra, and leads to fulfillment: when thou brought, it comes as an ointment, water almost par macaroni.

[…] should, in quel menar, well entertained care, a mean forte, That forth no one fall, made steeped, then with his finger tastes: If you think it is good, the focus forms ask.

[…] When soaked in the forms and you feel put frigger, hold tight irons, took the form, and shake lest s'assetti, volgi sozzopra, and well cooked and good fien” (Photo gives: trattoriazaza.it).