Marie Antoinette and Fersen

Marie Antoinette and Fersen

Marie Antoinette and Fersen they loved each?

Or theirs was only a deep friendship, cemented by intense esteem and deep mutual respect?

The true nature of their relationship, it certainly was solid and lasting, it is intended, for obvious reasons, to remain a mystery.

According to some historians, the Queen of France and the Count were lovers, not for others.

Who's right?

We avoid surrender to judgments that only risk of violating the privacy of people who lived more than two centuries ago and let's just see their own words.

The dense correspondence elapsed between the two is, in tal senso, more illuminating than anything else.

The 28 June 1793, Marie Antoinette wrote:

“Do not be upset about me, will not happen to me nothing.

The National Assembly will show clemency.

Goodbye, man beloved.

Stay calm if you can.

Take care of yourself, do it for me.

I can not write anymore, but nothing in the world could stop me adore you to death”.

Contrary to the optimistic forecasts of Marie Antoinette, the situation worsened and 16 October the former queen was guillotined.

Fersen learned the fatal news while he was in Brussels in a feverish attempt to rescue her friend, and he was dismayed.

He later remembered: “Although I was prepared for this and expected, I was devastated” (you see also

In their last meeting Marie Antoinette, Fersen in returning to a ring that he had previously donated, had handed with it a note written on a short sentence in Italian: “All to you I guide” (Photo gives: