The doctors 2

After the success of the first (, now comes in tv the de second season The doctors, fiction coproduced, among others, gives Lux Vide e Rai Fiction.

The scripted is entirely focused on the figure of Lorenzo the Magnificent, Prince Florence and undisputed protagonist of our Renaissance.

It will be a real full immersion in one of the most exciting periods in our History, throughout four evenings for a total of eight episodes in prime time starting from Tuesday 23 October Rai 1.

Anyone following the previous series will certainly remember his conclusion: Lucrezia, wife of Piero De Medici, announces she is pregnant with a boy to be called Lorenzo, as the beloved uncle mysteriously (but not too much, because everyone knows that it is the family of the Crazy people to be responsible) murder.

The narrative resumes after a time gap of about twenty years, those that occurred at the small heir to be born, grow and develop in an environment of power and ensure economic well-being, but also of great culture and refinement, features that will become the hallmarks of his complex personality, one of the most eminent of all ages.

Since then, the scenario has changed: Grandpa Cosimo is dead, grandmother Contessina has now retired to private life and at the head of the family there are Piero and Lucrezia, but the latter, probably because of the disease that afflicts him, the gotta (for this is known as “the Gouty”), mismanaging the affairs of the bank, bringing it almost to ruin.

With Lorenzo Medici and Florence reach their peak: rich and flourishing, cradle of civilization, focus of European culture, the Tuscan city, by promoting the arts, reaches that incomparable beauty that we can still admire.


The doctors 2: a scene

Botticelli, Poliziano, Leonardo, Michelangelo and many other artists, leave right now in Florence, in Italy and in the world, their indelible imprint.

As for the private life, after the long relationship with Lucrezia Donati, Lorenzo marries the rich and noble Clarice Orsini (, while the libertine and dissolute brother Giuliano weaves a love affair with the beautiful Simonetta Vespucci, muse of the painter Sandro Botticelli.

in the meantime, between a love story and the other, political hatreds and resentments grow stronger, dark plots incumbent and the war is drawing closer; the fiction It closes with the reconstruction of one of the most tragic pages of the whole history of Florence, the famous Pazzi Conspiracy, from which Lorenzo, unlike the unfortunate Julian, out miraculously unscathed.

The doctors It uses a cast international which also belong Alessandra Mastronardi (Lucrezia Donati), Raoul Bova (Pope Sixtus IV), Filippo Nigro (Luca Soderini), Sean Bean (Jacopo Pazzi), Annabel Scholey (Countess De Medici).

Lorenzo il Magnifico is played by British actor Daniel Sharman (Photo gives: e