Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh in one of his many self-portraits

The great Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh he died on 29 July 1890, just 37 years, for the consequences of a chest wound that he himself, few days before, he had obtained in a suicide attempt failed.

This at least Official version the artist's premature death, which in effect he told the doctor who tried to save him, that he fired.

Over the decades that followed never any doubt overshadowed this statement of the facts, judged more plausible, and perhaps even taken for granted, in reference to a strongly depressed man (and ill-treated), already several times, before then, He had tried to commit suicide.

In recent biography Van Gogh: the life But, given to the press in 2011 gives Random House, the authors Steven Naifech e Gregory Smith, They have completely changed that view, asserting that it was, in reality, of murder, although completely accidental; It is according to what they have in fact rebuilt, Vincent, who went in the French countryside to paint as he always, He was wounded by a shot gun to the party from the weapon mistake Rene Secretan, a sixteen year old who liked to shoot the animals.

It was clearly a tragic accident and Van Gogh, to prevent the young man was pursued, you autoaccusò.


It would be seen in’angle of the bullet entry, slanted and not straight, therefore incompatible with a gunshot procured by itself (Photo gives: