Louis Charles of Bourbon prisoner to the Temple

When and how he died Louis Charles of Bourbon, son of Louis XVI e Maria Antonietta, rightful heir to the French throne?

The fate of the prince, known as the “child of the Temple“, It is one of the great enigmas the last two centuries.

We know for sure that the small, in summer 1793, He was literally ripped from the arms of his mother and other family members to be taken to another cell, entrusted to the loving care very little cobbler Antoine Simon, a violent drunk who had the task of “to educate” the actual scion to the revolutionary manner, by hook or by crook.

Creepy some aspects of his imprisonment (on which I shall return in special post), largely recounted later by older sister: not only to swear words were taught baby, blasphemies and scurrilous songs, not only he was regularly beaten and harassed by constant threats and blackmail, but he was even forced to sign, obviously without realizing what he was doing, a document in which he claimed to have had incestuous relations with his mother, which certainly it represented the most sinister aspect of the trial of Marie Antoinette, in practice a farce.

Louis Charles prisoner to the Temple with his “legal guardian” Antoine Simon

Making Louis Charles, At the beginning of 1794, luckily Simon, He is suggesting that it had diligently fulfilled its duty, shooting, only that the child, since then, He was completely left to itself.

Impossible for us to enter into the mood or just begin to imagine the anguish that every day must have gripped the mind of this little boy private brutally of his loved ones and forced to endure harassment of any kind from strangers unscrupulous consciousness, the fact is that he could not last long and the’8 June 1795, just 10 years, she died.

The cause of death was charged to a’infection, given the persistence for more than a week of high fever and given the hygienic conditions to say the least precarious prison, infested with mice, ticks and fleas.

This is the least Official version about what would happen to the third son of the last kings of France before the outbreak of the Revolution, but the conditional is a must, because there are many historians who, claiming more or less acceptable reasons and evidence, do not accept this version of events, emphasis to an end far more pleased, with one child survived the darkest moments of terror and then a long happy absolute anonymity, far away from the court and politics.

The argument is mysterious and very interesting, I would still treat short (Photo gives: realinotizie.it e it.wikipedia.org).