Self-portrait of Madame Vigee-Le Brun

Self-portrait of Madame Vigee-Le Brun

The painter Elisabeth Louise Vigee-Le Brun, (1755-1842) It is considered one of the greatest ritrattiste of his era, technically equipped and very prolific, much to sign over nine hundred paintings.

Surely his most important patron (and munificent) was the Queen of France Marie Antoinette, who commissioned about twenty portraits, now mostly stored at Versailles.

The two women were the same age (class 1755 both), They lived a long time together with the palace and certainly became friends and confidants, but the outbreak of Revolution, like many other favorites of the sovereign, the artist chose to flee the country, only to return several years later.

Maria Antonietta, enthusiastic and generous by nature, He tended to fulfill every desire of close friends, many of which, however,, the wind changed, They did not hesitate a moment to abandon it to its fate (you see

Of Madame Vigee-Le Brun also possess about forty of his self-portraits, that allow us to know the physical characteristics.

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