Shops in the center of Milan in 800

Shops in the center of Milan in 800

Have you ever wondered how they were structured shops one time?

Have you ever wondered when was the organization of a store, or a place intended for the display and sale of goods of various kinds, as we know it today?

I do it and so I did a little research: here is what I found.

Until full '700 shops were simple Local very bare and unwelcoming, conceived not so much as shops but as repositories of objects, therefore were messy places, full of stuff piled everywhere, boxes and crates packed with merchandise.

The trend He began to change only top 800, with the appearance of first signs: These were posted outside the premises to make them more visible to passersby and then with the main intention to acquire a larger number of customers.

The invention of press crystals, from 1827, He contributed to the total breakthrough, since they began to be produced industrially large windows, that soon they spread a little’ anywhere and from which he sprang the bright idea of “showcases” in all respects similar to the present ones.

Due to the transparency of the windows the goods he could be exposed and shown to the people passing through and since “the eye He wants its part”, it was realized that the best way to increase revenues was to present it in the most attractive possible; it was then that was born craft “window dresser“, a managers studied arrangement and “artistic” the items for sale (photo: