tomba di Tutankhamon

The box containing the remains of the funerary equipment of Tutankhamun

Perhaps the Tomba di Tutankhamon never stops revealing surprises (see also

Recently it was reported a discovery, or rather a rediscovery, that concerns.

In a basement of Luxor Museum, during the transfer works of some of the artifacts to another museum, Some employees have found a old wooden box without any indication.

At the opening of the same, the amazement.

Inside were some pieces, now considered lost, of one of 18 model boats belonging to the grave goods of the young pharaoh.

It deals with, to be precise, of a tree, of various ropes and rigging and a head of Osiris with even traces of the original gilding.

The fragile remains were wrapped in a sheet of newspaper dated 5 November 1933.

The small boats were intended to allow Tutankhamun to fish even after death.

The Tomb of Tutankhamun is one of the most sumptuous and studied in the world, but probably there is still much to discover (Photo gives: