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Pudding Napoletana (by Artusi)

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Desserts: pudding Neapolitan according Artusi's finest pastries do not have time, like this pudding Neapolitan taken from "Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well", nineteenth-century recipe of success written by Pellegrino Artusi. If you want to try, the procedure can be found below. I quote: "Cook the semolina in [...]


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Tortelli After a little 'break back posting on history pills cooking recipes taken by Artusi, or "Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well" Pellegrino Artusi, that long, successful. This time I chose the recipe for homemade tortelli, that carryover below textually: [...]

Chicken with Marsala (by Artusi)

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The recipe "Chicken with Marsala" It is taken by Artusi After some time I go back to post recipes taken directly by Artusi, that long, successful blog. For those who do not know or do not remember, "Artusi" It is an abbreviation with which the cookbook Science is commonly known in the kitchen and the Art of [...]

Kitchen of the '300: a Recipe for Cooking…to Gru

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The crane was a highly valued animal in the kitchen of '300 The food tastes are closely linked to the culture of the peoples and are subject, like everything else the rest, to profound changes over time. No wonder then, If in past centuries it was a habit completely normal and appreciated put [...]

Medieval Christmas Recipes: At the Cake

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A medieval dinner again this year, like the past, throughout the Christmas period I will propose on pills History a series of ancient Christmas recipes, a topic that, apparently, like the users and always generated great. We start from the recipe of the cake, that faithfully carry from sguardosulmedioevo.org.     [...]

Books: “Kitchen in the Middle Ages: Ingredients, Recipes and Food”

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Book cover "Middle Ages in the kitchen: ingredients, recipes and flavors" In pills History I always tried to give a lot of room to the kitchen of the past and changes in the tastes and culinary culture in the centuries, therefore gladly point the release of a book about medieval cuisine cured by the Cultural The Gifts of the Muse [...]

Ancient Cooking Recipes: Mess of Renaissance Herbs

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A table in the Renaissance. The herbal mess presented in this post is a recipe of the '400 Di Giovanni Bockenheym (fifteenth century), cook to Pope Martin V, There are many recipes that rightfully belong to the best expressed by the Renaissance gastronomy. Below I quote the one to prepare a mess of [...]

Medieval Cooking Recipes: Sitting Cabbage

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Women in the kitchen in the Middle Ages Below is the original recipe of a second dish of medieval times; the post is adapted from Emiliano Friends sguardosulmedioevo.org blog.     Medieval Kitchen The unique name of this dish, originally from the medieval town of Acerenza, Basilicata, comes from the fact that, during [...]

Nineteenth Century Kitchen: Ribes all’Inglese (by Artusi)

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Currants in vintage illustration Another recipe of the end '800 is by Artusi (1891), this time to prepare a cake that has the air of exquisite turn. I quote: "Ribes grams 300, sugar grams 120, water ounces 2. Cleanse the currants from the stalks, put on the fire with said water and when it has lifted the boil pour [...]

Dall'”Artusi”: “Chicken in Italian spit-roasted pork”

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A 800 kitchen. The chicken was, time, a food fairly common for the many fans of the cuisine than once, here is another recipe comes from '"Artusi", famous culinary text to the end '800 (1891), with a caveat, however,: the light light "Chicken in Italian spit-roasted pork" it is not. Cito: "There is flat manor, but family. Fill a chicken [...]