The Diet Afrodisiaca of Madame de Pompadour

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Madame de Pompadour and her brother. The woman, cold, tried a "care" with an aphrodisiac Jeanne Antoinette Poisson diet (1721-1764), most famous as Madame de Pompadour, It was for many years the mistress en titre, or the lover in office, the French King Louis XV. However, unlike what you might think, Pompadour, [...]

Hairstyles “Thought provoking” (and Incredibles) the Court of Versailles

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A lady at the hairdresser in '700. Some extravagant hairstyles sported by ladies in Versailles made time for a certain period of time at the court of Versailles hairstyles ladies showed off nothing short of extravagant, characterized by twisted hair around a sort of "scaffolding" that kept them high above the head ( Come [...]

Restrooms in Versailles: beautiful and…Unnecessary

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Personal Hygiene in '700 (painting by Francois Boucher). At Versailles the toilets were, but they were not practically never used As is known, the Palace of Versailles the apparent splendor hid, in reality, unimaginable filth, both of the environments that people who lived there ( e However this does not mean that services [...]

Works “Sides” Versailles

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Louis XIV at Versailles surrounded by servants. At the palace they were held odd jobs, created specifically to satisfy the people of the impressive number of servants and the odd jobs that were held at the palace of Versailles I have already spoken in this post, but entering into the details, what were these strange tasks created specifically to satisfy [...]

Servants in Versailles: how were?

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Luigi XIV a Versailles. The number of servants at the palace was impressive how many servants worked in Versailles in the era of its heyday, then at the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries? How many men and women needed the biggest and luxurious palace in the world to keep this? Curiosity rises [...]

Bedpan: its Evolution in Versailles

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Ancient chamber pot painted porcelain For about two centuries, the sixteenth and seventeenth, to carry out the same profane but essential function of the water, It was the commode, a small portable wooden box with inside a jar. In order to be more comfortable seat was padded, and to make it more elegant, till [...]

The Lovers of Louis XV: The Mysterious Death of Pauline Nesle

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Portrait of Pauline Nesle In the vast array of lovers in revenue thanks and of Louis XV royal thalamus may also be counted three sisters, who all became his favorite, in certain situations even simultaneously. I'm talking about "notorious" Nesle sisters, which for many years, thanks to certain virtues hidden but abundantly bestowed, They succeeded [...]

Painting and History: Louis XV and Favorita-Prostitute

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Louis XV and Madame Du Barry, his latest favorite, portraits in a nineteenth-century painting by Gyula Benczúr The French King, except for the honest and sober Louis XVI, They have always been distinguished for a libertine behavior such as brash, but Louis XV, who then it was the grandfather of the unfortunate sovereign guillotined during the Terror, [...]

The Madame de Pompadour Life in Three Minutes (with Video)

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The beautiful face of Madame de Pompadour Surfing the net I came across the interesting video found at bottom of page: only three minutes to tell Jeanne Antoinette Poisson life, better known as Madame de Pompadour, known favorite of King Louis XV and certainly one of the lovers [...]

Opinions of Matter. An Anecdote Simpatico on the Palace of Versailles

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Palace of Versailles: The view of the gardens of Versailles palace, as known, was commissioned and built by Louis XIV was so visible and tangible evidence of your absolute power. Usually guests, With few exceptions ( They remained impressed, if not outright stunned, by the magnificence of the royal palace. Not always this happened [...]