book Cataldo Bevacqua Cover “The Christmas Truce of Ypres”

With pleasure I report to readers History Pills The debut book Cataldo Bevacqua The Christmas Truce of Ypres, published in December 2016, which tells in a light way, fascinating and enjoyable episode probably the most moving great War.
Below we quote the presentation of the work as well as I was sent by its author.
Christmas Truce

Images of soldiers during the Great War

Ypres, Belgium. the Western Front WWI.
And the On Christmas Eve 1914.
The full moon shines white in the dark counterpart of the night, and everywhere shines the whiteness of the frozen snow.
The British soldiers were crowded inside their trenches, when suddenly they see rise, above the ditch in front where men are holed German army, a thin and tiny fir tree, nicely decorated with dim lights.
Thus begins one of the most fascinating and moving events that history man memories: Christmas truce 1914.
Curiously, it serves as background to the story: almost all incidents of ceasefire between opposing contenders, in those early days of the immense world war, They occurred in the area of Ypres, the city that gave its name to a murderous extermination tool called iprite and which it is sadly associated with four fierce and bloody battles.
It 's almost a sign of destiny: in the desolate wilderness of lexical associations that underlie gloomy colors historical memories, suddenly blossoming an irresistible idea of ​​peace: The Christmas Truce of Ypres.
A fantastic sentence, an indissoluble set of terms related to the point electively to have the power to cancel, in the historical memory, the nefarious association between the Belgian town and nouns that only echo of death and destruction din.
The pace has nasce Ypres, right where there was war, and the historical event of the Christmas Truce, symbol of brotherhood among men, It is a symbiosis of the name of the Belgian town, illuminating with fervent light the gloomy darkness of the evocations of history.
With a narrative punctuated rhythmically by the direct testimony of the soldiers, the book traces the exciting phases of the Christmas truce in a slow metaphorical journey through history, the myth and the unreality of the dream.
And it is a fascinating journey along the paths of memory unfathomable: thanks to the numerous digressions dotted with hundreds of hyperlinks (Also in the paper version, the goWare It has included some QR codes which allow the opening of hypertext), the story makes constant references to music, cinema and the '900 literature, finishing touch to important issues in modern history (such as women's struggle for the right to vote and the peace movement).
The Christmas Truce of Ypres It is for sale on all store on line, Italian and foreign (Amazon, IBS, Kobo, Mondadori, Feltrinelli, Barnes & Noble etc.) and it is also ordered in bookstores.
Cataldo Bevacqua He was born in Lecce on 5 February 1968 and he lives in Castrolibero, country borders the city of Cosenza.
He exercises a lawyer. The Christmas Truce of Ypres is his debut book.
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