vasi canopy

Vasi canopy. Within these vessels the bowels were kept that the Egyptians extracted from the bodies of the dead during the laborious process of embalming

sophisticated embalming process implemented by Egyptians, It allows us to observe today's people lived thousands of years ago as they were almost.

To achieve these outstanding results was essential to carry out a meticulous procedure and rather elaborate, ma what happened were the internal organs?

Well, also the bowels that it was necessary to extract from the body were kept, my asides, in vasi canopy, of which, inter alia, there remain still fine specimens, rich of decorations and designs.

Each vessel and organ could rely on its own specific protector, one of four children time: Qebecsenuf, deities with head bird of prey, guarded the intestines, Duamutef, with jackal head, the stomach, Imset, which instead he had human head, liver and finally Step, with baboon head, lungs (Photo gives: