pyramid of Cheops

3D reproduction of the mysterious cavities recently discovered inside the pyramid of Cheops

After thousands of years of their building, the pyramids of Egypt have not stopped to unravel their mysteries and who knows if it ever will.

L’latest discovery far the largest of Pyramids of Giza, the one of Cheops, in which has been identified a new room the length of approximately 30 meters; perhaps, rather than a single cavity, it is a set of structures whose function, But, It is not yet known, and you're trying to figure out.

The news of Nature were researchers from the international project ScanPyramids, who for nearly two years is studying in depth the heart of the pyramid of Cheops employing a new technique and not at all invasive based on particle physics.

This particular technique is called muografia and it allows to follow the path of subatomic particles, i muons precisely, arising from the interaction of cosmic rays from space with the atmosphere of our planet.

The characteristic of muons to follow different trajectories depending on whether you move or pass through the air stones, It causes that they are able to reveal the presence of cavities, a circumstance that before the one just mentioned had already occurred last year, when getting inside the Pyramid of Cheops was located a aisle in the vicinity of the north wall (Photo gives: