The Broken Key

The broken key, from 16 November in the halls

With pleasure I report to readers History Pills the next release of the film The broken key, which will be in theaters from 16 November.

Since the film has a bearing on the History and is therefore relevant to the subject matter in blog, I provide below all necessary information on the same exactly as I have been sent.

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The broken key

A scene from the film “The broken key”


Title: The broken key Gender: Sci-Fi | Thriller | historical Directed by: Louis Nero Film script: Louis Nero Tongue: Italiano Manufacturers: L'Altrofilm (, TFP, Film Commission Torino Piemonte Co-Producers: Heritage Productions World Distributor: Fantastic Films International ( Cast: Christopher Lambert, Rutger Hauer, Geraldine Chaplin, Michael Madsen, William Baldwin, Kabir Bedi, Franco Nero, Maria de Medeiros, Marc Fiorini, Andrea Cocco, Diana Dell'Erba, Marco Deambrogio, Walter Lippa, Alex Belli Location: Cairo, York, Torino, Sacra di San Michele, Elba island, Saliceto, Rosazza Playlist:


In the near future, the human freedom is in danger.

The world is controlled by "Big Z": the Zimurgh Corporation.

The "Legge Schuster" eco-sustainability of media reigns supreme.

The paper is a rare commodity.

Print is a crime.

In the background of this realistic view of the future, the British researcher Arthur J. Adams is driven adventure from foster father, il professor Moonlight.

The search for the missing fragment of an ancient papyrus, protected by the mysterious brotherhood of followers of Horus, It is hampered by indecipherable murders linked to the seven deadly sins.

Arthur will have to go into the intricacies of an impenetrable and mysterious cities of the future, mirror of his soul, to find the missing piece and save the whole of humanity.


Making a film conceived on the horizontal line of the Seven Liberal Arts, whose practice ascetic, according to the shining interpretation Dantesca, It can lead to the transmutation of the Seven Deadly Sins in the corresponding Cardinal Virtues.

The intent is to give life to the public, as the protagonist, a path of spiritual purification from sins, set in a visionary of the future Torino, where popular culture is imbued with palpable mystery.

Where the plot moves between legends waiting for centuries to be retraced.

A symbolic and emotional journey, filled with pitfalls and sudden twists.

The way back to the wisdom and to our home in the sky.

Know yourself and know your God.


It is said that Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516), Renaissance painter among the most important of all time, He was part of a mysterious order known as "The Brotherhood of the Free Spirit", philosophical group attributable to the legendary Followers of Horus, keepers of a secret that could change the fate of the whole world.

Among the guards who have come and gone over the centuries from the noble presence of the Egyptian queen Ankhsen-pa-aton that, forced by the priestly caste to escape from Egypt, He decided to re, in a new city, solar myth of Aton: Taurasia, (now it is known as Torino).

Bosch already revealed, through his paintings, the ability to achieve a state of grace operandosi in an inner search path, through the liberation from evil and from the deadly sins.

The same path already known by the Egyptians who followed the path outlined by the God Thoth, one who realizes the Creator's plan.

The same mystery, physical and metaphysical nature, He was universally known, other places, in other times, other scholars, masters, or alchemists.

nikolas Tesla (1856-1943) He asserted the existence of a force, and it is hidden magnetic energy that comes from our soul.

In Renaissance She was found the tomb of the ancient Egyptian queen, sacked the sarcophagus and precious jewelry, but not of his most precious treasure: the golden key of Ankh, closed in a poor wooden case and for this, probably, withholding of no value.

The precious relic took away his tracks when, found later in the year 1516, He was delivered to the young Carlo Domenico Del Carretto, lord of the manor and Saliceto "Master of the Free Spirit Secret ".

The noble Piedmontese himself was the architect of a temple monument, the facade of the church of San Lorenzo, rich alchemical symbolism.

Some centuries later, despite Templars (who left evidence of their passage just in the same lands of Carretto) They were missing for about two hundred years, New Secret Masters of the Free Spirit moved in Turin the wooden box containing the mysterious key.

At that time, other teachers were intent to reshape the city in the ancient alchemical symbolism of the rose and the broken key, secrets that have helped to give in Turin the nickname Magic City.

Each of us guards a broken key.

Each of us is called, alive, to reassemble.

Arthur will find out as you addentrerà in mystery, resolving the ritual murder you encounter, and putting together the pieces of a map drawn centuries before by Bosch, to regain lost key: the new Graal.


Documents, paintings, The findings cited here are really exist.

The historical events narrated constitute a faithful reproduction of what actually took place.

The only ambientati events in the future are the result of imagination (Photo gives: e