Some of the jars found near Mount Kronio (Ag) containing wine 6000 Years ago

The came It is an Italian excellence that the whole world knows and appreciates, but who knows if that product 6000 Years ago as good as that of today.

In a cave at Monte Kronio, near Agrigento, inside a jar dating back to’the Copper Age, It was found at that time wine, or better chemical residues that specific and accurate analysis confirmed to be the remains of a wine, precisely, plurimillenario.

The unglazed terracotta containers meant that remain on it traces of tartaric acid and its sodium salt, substances naturally contained in the grapes, and its the winemaking process.

The discovery is important because it forces you to backdate at least 2000 the birth years of viticulture and wine production in Italy, that so far it was believed only be started in’Bronze Age (Photo gives: