Bath in a retro style

For centuries tub to wash was made up of a simple tub sheetmetal enamel or lacquer which was endeavored mainly by women, since men considered it something effeminate.

The bathtub similar to what we now know, call “overall bath”, It involved a massive use of water, indispensable to fill, which is why for a long time it formed a sort of luxury item that only few could afford.

From 1850 it was equipped with an ingenious albeit dangerous gas heating system, It constituted by flames which were located right at the bottom of the tank; domestic accidents caused by this “comfort” they were few.

All’beginning of '900 It witnessed a sudden change of habits regarding personal hygiene, it became much more assiduous and profound not only for cultural reasons, but especially because of innovations that were made in the field and that made it easier for all.

The absolute first and most important was the arrival of’running water in homes, that led, Inter alia, to a greater spread of the bathtubs, which since then became a fixed part of the furniture of the room dedicated to them along with the sink, al bidet and water, just as still happens (Photo gives: aziendainfiera.it).