After a while’ Pause back to post on History Pills cooking recipes taken from’Artusi, or “Science Cooking and the Art of Eating Well” of Pellegrino Artusi, that long, successful.

This time I chose the recipe for homemade tortelli, that carryover below textually:

“Ricotta or raviggiuolo, or the one and the other states, grams 200; Parmigiano grams 40; eggs and a red No. 1; smell of nutmeg and spices; a pinch of salt; a bit’ chopped parsley.

They close in a sheet made like that of Cappelletti and cut with a somewhat larger round disc.

I servant of the disc No. 195.

You can leave glue before folding in half moon, but it is preferable in the form of cappelletti.

They cook in salted enough, they stand dry and seasoned with cheese and butter.

This dose will get it 24 O 25 and may be enough, being large, for three persons” (Photo gives: