Henry VIII

Portrait of Henry VIII

Henry VIII powerless?

It might seem a paradox, referring to a man who has gone down in history for having six wives (https://www.pilloledistoria.it/8382/storia-moderna/le-6-mogli-di-enrico-viii-in-un-film-tv-con-video) and an impressive number of lovers, yet it seems that this king of England despotic and fickle suffered, at least for a certain period of time, of problems in the intimate sphere.

A write, black on white, is Anna Bolena, Depending rumored consort of the sovereign, he sent to the gallows in 1536: in fact some letters, the woman says, without the possibility of misunderstandings, to have a husband who often leaves unfulfilled in the marriage bed.

The pleas of impotence scholars agree: it would depend on traumatic brain injury that Henry VIII would be procured during its regularly attend medieval jousts, on horseback or on foot tournaments, regulated by a ceremonial and strict rules, which it was always his favorite pastime.

It was not free racing from up dangerous, in which the monarch suffered often accidents, with fall over and headshots of considerable size; some say this would explain the abrupt change in personality of Henry VIII, that re careful and moderate, He turned into a ruthless tyrant able to put to death two of his wives.

Impotence in particular, It would have been due to a damage to the pituitary gland and to a consequent decrease in the normal production of sex hormones (Photo gives: alassaggioletterario.wordpress.com).