Typical clothing of the Egyptians

Most of the information on style of dress of the Egyptians we learn from the wall paintings of the tombs and archeology.

In the Egyptians depicted scenes wearing very little actually: workers are offers or covered by a maximum of a meager loincloth, the others, principals and supervisors work, wear a white skirt certainly linen, the fabric used to manufacture clothing, as fresh, breathable and pleasant to use in high heat.

However, the desert climate, then and now, is not always warm and especially during winter temperature changes are very drastic, with very cold nights.

As it protected at the time, therefore?

Using more opaque clothing made of lana.

Some of these were found in the grave goods: tunics with long sleeves and detachable leggings, to be able to put on and remove at pleasure, depending on the temperature of the moment.

On other occasions the Egyptians instead wore clothes similar to galabeya, currently typical of the local farmers (Photo gives: