27 July 1794: with the execution of Robespierre and his closest associates ends on Terror

It is told Regime of Terror or simply Terror the darkest period of bloody French Revolution, which started in July 1793 and he ended in July 1794, precisely the day 27, With the’execution of Maximilien Robespierre and his closest followers and collaborators, among which Louis Saint-Just e Georges Couthon.

A brief period temporarily, but that led to the death of an impressive number of people, in most cases innocent, because of the brutal and indiscriminate policy of repression carried out by members of the Committee of Public Health.

Ma those were the guillotined tremendous in that year?

The figures are nothing short of appalling.

A precise estimate is, for obvious reasons, impossible, but according to reports from sources and documents in our possession, it is estimated that it came to execute, in Paris alone, until 3000 victims in a month, on average they 100 per day.

Eyewitnesses tell of a city that has become uninhabitable, impregnated of Acre smell of blood in the air and on the streets, who at the time dirt, They tended to hold it and to absorb (back on the subject in special post) (Photo gives: madmonarchist.blogspot.it).