A typical feast of Roman nobles: their binges have remained famous

E’ an image that we all have well etched in the mind to have seen it hundreds of times on the books, frescoes and even rebuilt in hit films: the “binges” the ancient Romans are the most famous in history.

But is it really so?

Actually the Romans used to enjoy meals abnormal wasting huge amounts of food that they could not finish?

Indeed the convivia (gives when alive, “stay together”) It took place just this way: It met at a wealthy aristocrat and spent hours just talking, laughing and joking, eating and drinking from the beginning to the end of the banquet, to organize which the host spared no expense.

Eventually the remains were so many that it should be thrown into the Tiber.

The main purpose of these meetings was to ensure the conviviality, so much as to tell Cicerone that “The banquet pleased not It is to be measured by the delicacy of the food, but the company of friends and their discourse“, However, it is equally true that such behavior clashed dramatically with the difficulties of daily life that concerned those who belonged to the most popular classes dell'Urbe, for which not only able to eat every day it was far from obvious, but also in the case they enjoyed such luck, They were forced to settle for far more frugal meals (Photo gives: romanoimpero.com).